Posted by: Jeff | March 15, 2007


Having a collection of game consoles poses a unique problem that most people would not encounter. This problem is changing cords for the audio and video when switching to a different console.

There have been various manufacturers that have attempted to fix the issue ranging from low-end, non-powered, manual units to the more sophisticated, powered, remote controlled units.

In this review I talk about the GameStop branded Universal System Selector. Long name for a simple device. I purchased this unit at EBGames in our lovely southwestern Ontario area as GameStop is not in Canada.

The unit itself is a rather dull looking black brick with four buttons on top for switching between four devices. To change between consoles you must push on one of the buttons. The buttons offer good tactile feedback but make an unnecessarily loud snapping noise.

The unit has one output and four inputs. the output and three of the input areas are on the back of the device as you would expect. The fourth input is hidden behind a front panel and can be opened when needed. This is a great idea if a friend brings over a console or DVD player for that matter (though most consoles can play DVDs now).

The inputs include:

– A/V ports (all four inputs)
– Component A/V ports (on the three rear inputs)
– S-Video ports (all four inputs)
– ethernet ports (on the three rear inputs)

That’s a great selection of inputs for a $30 dollar device (and that’s Canadian Dollars).

The downside to this device is that it reeks of cheapness. The s-video port on the far right is really flimsy and if you push in to hard it will fold itself in (could be remedied with harder metal or an anchor of some type – perhaps a screw). The quality of the video is fairly good but does not do anything to filter interference so you have to be careful how you set up your cables.

This device also has universal name-plates that you can switch out for others on the unit. The problem is that the unit does not come with name-plates for the Playstation 3 or the Wii.

All considered the GameStop Universal System Selector is a great way to hook up your game consoles and still get a great result in picture and audio.


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